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Conservatory Glazing

Part of Ecoseal’s survey of your property to assist in the design of your new conservatory or orangery, is not only to determine the proposed usage but also to check which way it faces.  A north facing conservatory will generally need more insulation to reduce heat loss and a south facing conservatory will need more ventilation and protection from solar heat gain.

Ecoseal’s ‘A’ rated casement windows are at the forefront of energy efficient technology to reduce heat loss in household glazing.  Roof glazing needs to prevent rising heat from escaping during cold periods, whilst reducing solar heat gain on hot days.  Only by achieving this, can your new conservatory or orangery be truly usable throughout the year.

Roof Glazing
The two main choices of roof glazing for conservatories and orangeries are glass and polycarbonate, and both have advantages and disadvantages to consider before finalising your complete specification.  Whilst polycarbonate sheets are lighter, less expensive but noisier when it rains – glass requires stronger roof spars due the extra weight but can offer reduced solar heat gain and an external self-cleaning surface.

Ecoseal polycarbonate options include clear, bronze, opal, bronze/opal and solar control in both 25 mm and 35 mm thicknesses.

Ecoseal offer three types of toughened glass for conservatory roofs, Eco-One and Eco-Elite have a subtle blue tint, and each has the following relative performance values: -

Heat Reflection
UV Protection
Easy Clean
Visible Light Transmission

Heat Reflection – expressed as a percentage of the total potential solar heat gain prevented from entering your conservatory.

U-Value – measures heat lost from inside your conservatory, the lower the value the lower the heat loss.

UV Protection – expressed as a percentage of the total potential harmful UV rays prevented from entering your conservatory

Easy Clean – the easy clean coating on Ecoseal conservatory glass roofs encourages water to run off the roof more easily, taking most dirt with it – it’s like having ‘non-stick’ glass

Visible Light Transmission – expressed as a percentage of glare reduction

Glassroof Victorian Conservatory
Glass roof in a Victorian Conservatory

Windows and Doors

Ecoseal’s premier casement window has 28 mm, argon-filled sealed units with low emissivity glass and warm edge spacer to provide ‘A’ rated energy efficiency and should be the window of choice for northern facing conservatories.  The same energy efficient sealed units can also be installed in tilt and turn windows.
Tilt and turn windows are an ideal choice for south facing conservatories due to the large amount of ventilation they offer.  Opened inwards in the tilted position, a breeze against the glazed walls of the conservatory is directed to the hottest part of the conservatory – just underneath the roof.  Hinged inwards in the ’turn’ position, a tilt and turn window on a low base wall offers almost as much ventilation as a door.

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