double glazed PVCu windows
Install Ecoseal A Rated, energy efficient double glazed PVCu windows and save on your heating bills
PVCu and composite doors
Add style and security with Ecoseal's wide range of double glazed PVCu and composite doors
PVCu conservatory or orangery
Add space and style to your home with an Ecoseal individually designed double glazed PVCu conservatory or orangery
Ecoseal's PVCu fascias
Ecoseal's PVCu fascias, soffits and gutter mean no more painting and decorating


In line with Ecoseal’s environmental approach to business, we have a policy of recycling as much as possible from the waste products we remove from your home when we install new windows and doors.

Everything is separated in our recycling facility and sent for processing into re-usable materials where possible.

All glass is separated, with gaskets and metal removed before the glass is crushed and melted down.  This can then be used for bottles, jars or alternative products such as bricks.  Glass does not degrade and can be used many times over.

All old wooden windows and doors are stripped of metal fittings and glass, and all paint removed before being sent to a processing plant.  Some of the uses for recycled timber include MDF, chipboard, animal bedding and wood chips for biofuel.

Old metal windows and doors are stripped of paint and together with metal fittings are sorted into steel and aluminium for re-processing.

The majority of windows and doors we remove are first generation PVCu, which is separated from metal and glass before being sent for re-processing as garden furniture, plastic bottles and other containers.

Building Materials
Whole bricks are cleaned and sold to builders for re-use, whilst any waste bricks are crushed for re-use as hardcore for conservatory and porch bases.





building materials

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