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Roofline and Cladding by Ecoseal

You may have replaced the windows and doors in your home but it’s surprising how much more exposed timber the average property has – just waiting for you to paint it or worse still, for it to rot.
Fascias, soffits and associated roofline products are an essential part of any property and whilst exposed to the elements, they play a vital role in protecting roof rafters and the roof space of your home.  You may not notice them most of the time but old and rotten fascias, soffits and barge boards can result in expensive damage to your roof.

New PVCu roofline products from Ecoseal not only improve the appearance of your home but they will also protect your roof from the elements for years to come.  PVCu roofline products from Ecoseal are durable, weather-resistant and attractive and, a major benefit due to their difficult-to-access location, maintenance free.

Ecoseal offers the complete solution to roofline problems with a high performance roofline system, manufactured to the highest standards, comprising of: -

  • Soffits – Eurosoffit board with built-in ventilation, 9 mm utility board with optional ventilation or hollow soffit board.
  • Fascias or Barge board – At 18 mm thick, Ecoseal fascia boards are sturdy enough to fit directly onto roof rafters and are available in flat board or decorative ‘Ogee’ style.
  • Gutters – Including Classic half-round, Square-line, Universal Plus Ogee style or Universal XL heavy duty and high capacity gutters.
  • Down pipes – Available in round or square in white, brown or black.
  • A unique 3-in-1 eaves protection system – Comprising over fascia ventilation, an eaves comb filter to prevent birds and rodents accessing the roof space and in-built tray to prevent the roof felt sagging thus allowing water pooling – all three designed to protect the roof rafters and roof space.  
  • Dry verge clips – Maintenance-free dry verge clips from Ecoseal are designed to tidy up and protect the edges of tiled roofs and are available in white, brown, black, slate grey and terracotta.
  • Cladding – Available in ship-lap or Open-V styles, PVCu external cladding can not only enhance the appearance of your home, it provides an attractive, low maintenance and weather resistant solution for replacing rotten timber cladding which could be concealing problem areas of brickwork.

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roofline diagram


1. Box end showing fascia board to the front and barge board on the side, with black  dry verge clips above.

2. Ventilated soffit

3. Half round gutter

4. Round downpipe  


Some Ecoseal Roofline Products are available in Brilliant White, Cream, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Irish Oak, White Ash, Brown, Black Ash or Grey, though most are restricted to White, Golden Oak or Rosewood.



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